Neural basis for auditory categorization

Advisors: Maria Geffen, Yale Cohen and Konrad Kording

Researching perceptual mechanisms underlying the relevance of stimuli in decision making, particularly as applied to auditory categorization, using Bayesian modelling and GLMs. Investigating the role of interneurons in auditory processing in the cortex through analysis of optogenetically-obtained noisy single-cell and neural network data.

Thesis Research: Auditory system processing and neuroscience

Co-affiliated with the Audition lab and the Bhaumik Institute, UCLA
Advisors: Dolores Bozovic and Alex Levine

Fluctuation analysis of nonequilibrium limit cycle oscillators : Application to hair cells
Developed a general framework to study effects of stochasticity on non-equilibrium active limit cycle oscillators, specifically inner ear hair bundles, using principles drawn from dynamical systems and statistical mechanics. This framework advances our understanding of fluctuation theorems and how they may be used to probe complex biological systems.

Development of a BCI interface for translation of neural signals to text

Visiting Graduate Student, Brain Computer Interface Lab, UCLA
July 2018 - Jan 2020
Advisor: William Speier

Analyzed multi-electrode ECoG data using supervised learning to detect novel features encapsulating speech production information. Additionally implemented a deep RNN and a temporal language model to identify underlying phonemes and generate text.

Comparison of different deep neural network architectures in decoding speech-producing neural signals

Advisor: Jonathan Kao (Course: ECE 293AS)

Compared and critiqued performances (in Pytorch) using CNNs, bi-directional LSTMs and Autoencoders to map multi-electrode neural signals onto speech phonemes.

Speech recognition and speaker verification

Advisor: Abeer Alwan (Courses: EE 241A and EE 241B)

Robustness of features and models for text-dependent speaker verification

Investigated speaker-dependent features and classifiers such as SVM and GMM, for speaker verification under constraints of noisy environments and short utterances.

Digit recognition under noisy and gender mismatch conditions

Developed algorithm to address mismatch conditions in an automatic speech recognition task using hidden markov models. Experience using HTK toolkit.

Reconstruction of the shape of a deformed interface

Soft Matter Physics group, TIFR

Designed and implemented an algorithm to reconstruct the shape of a deformed interface (water surface with floating metallic micro-sphere) over a large spatial range.

Study of spin-injection into electrolytes

Physics of Nanostructured Materials Lab, EPFL

Developed and characterized techniques to study dynamic nuclear polarization using passage of spin currents through ferro-magnetic electrodes.

Micromagnetic simulation of magnetic reversal in magnetic nanodisks

Spintronics and Thin Film Magnetism Lab, IISc

Investigated through numerical simulations, the optimization of bit-patterned media for storage of information in hard disk magnetic material.